Cookie policy

When visiting our website, S&W Metalko Oy may collect information related to the use of services, amounts of use and other statistics, as well as process and analyse such data. To monitor the use of service content, as well as to facilitate and speed up their use, S&W Metalko Oy may use so-called cookies. A cookie is a short text file which the server stores on the user’s hard drive. In this way, we collect data on how and when services are used, to further develop them to be more user-friendly. Data that has been collected with cookies cannot be used to identify individual users. We require that you agree to the use of cookies in order to use S&W Metalko Oy’s electronic services.


The intention of S&W Metalko Oy’s use of cookies is to analyse and develop services. Cookies may also be used e.g. to monitor visitors of S&W Metalko Oy’s website as well as to measure the efficiency of advertising. We use analytical programmes to process cookies and none of the user’s personal data is stored. Cookies allow us to monitor e.g. how long it takes for pages to load and what information users have searched for, as well as to locate such parts of the website that may not necessarily work as they should, so that the issue can be corrected. S&W Metalko Oy may also use data collected about the use of the website for the purpose of targeted advertising and the production of content. S&W Metalko Oy may create target groups on the basis of which websites certain browsers have visited. S&W Metalko Oy can present advertising or content that will probably be of interest to such target groups.

On the S&W Metalko Oy website, we use the Google Analytics online analytics system.

Analytical cookies allow us to:

Obtain statistical data on website visits: visitor counts, use of various pages, time spent on different pages, users’ browsing habits,
Improve the website by offering customised content and adapted information,
Understand how people react, for example, to our email campaigns: time of opening an email and duration, etc.


Please note that in some situations denying cookies may lead to technical restrictions of functions on our website.

In most browser software, you can find information under the Help menu about how your browser is prevented from accepting new cookies, how you can make your browser notify you about receiving new cookies or how you can completely prevent cookies. In addition, you can remove or destroy such information that browser add-ons may use, by changing the add-on settings or by visiting the add-on owner’s website.